Tarot reading 9 : Business advice

tarot in a teacup

Question: I’m an artist and astrologer/tarot reader and these are VERY important to me. I incorporate them in my coaching business.  My question is: am I going to be able to live a professional life from my business only? What recommendations can the tarot give me so that I can make it happen?

First let me say, this one is close to home. Even though I don’t personally run a coaching business, I still envision my path as primarily a tarot reader / astrologer / yoga therapist. I currently work as an Environment Officer, and I think I’ll always be involved in the environmental field in one way or another, but long-term the main vocation will be tarot-related. But I digress.

For this spread I used the Light Grey Tarot, which is an artistic collaboration of 78 artists, hence why there is a mix of styles represented in the cards…

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