Thought of the Week: A Day in the Life

Satis Writes

6:07 AM

UP Band starts vibrating. Don’t get up; it’s not worth it.


6:30 AM

iPhone alarm goes off. Try to keep your eyes open, but don’t get up; it’s not worth it. Check for emails and WordPress notifications. They’re all boring.


6:42 AM

Get up, because you’re going to be late for work. You should have got up at 6:07 AM and had plenty of time for a nice breakfast, cup of coffee, but no…it wasn’t worth it. Sleep would have been worth it, but you didn’t do that, either. Just…wasted time. Great start to the day.


6:52 AM

Devour an english muffin. You used to prepare a bagel and eat it on the way to work, but even the preparation isn’t worth it. Bread, butter, done. That’s about all you can manage. Maybe make coffee; you desperately need it.


7:21 AM

Start driving to…

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