Tapping into New-Age Beer Marketing: Beer and Social Media (part 1)

This Is Why I'm Drunk

beer-social media

This is the first in a three-part series this week looking at the cross section of beer companies and social media.

Read Part 2 about examples of Big Beer’s efforts and Part 3, about how the “little guys” handle social media.

Budweiser has their bow tie cans. Miller Lite has a new bottle. Heineken has some sort of ecstasy-induced contraption for clubbing.

Things are getting weird this spring in the Land of Big Beer. Could this simply be the start?

As I’ve noted before, success in sales isn’t directly tied to product quality for these brands. It’s about staying hip and relevant, most noticeably in the way you … notice them. This is how Big Beer combats craft beer encroaching on its shelf space.

But while AB InBev dukes it out in the grocery store, they’re also busy fighting for your attention online. This should come…

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