I am not a Superhuman just a little evolved

Tarot Cards , more than just a deck of cards

Whenever anything bad happens in my family everyone starts questioning and pestering my Mom ” Did you see this coming?” Did you know this would be so bad?”. Recently when I was suffering from high fever, dehydration, throat infection and taken in for hospitalization my mom was so tensed. When I spoke to her I said Saturn changed on 8th July  and its here to break some more patterns, high fever is better than something severe, and my mom smiled ( I could see that over the phone too :p ) and signed.

Recently my roommate mentioned that whenever she tells her friend that I am a Tarot Reader, excited and inquisitive they start asking about my behaviour, how powerful I am or how different I am” . To which she replies ” she is as normal as us”

I loved a comment by one of her friend – “Lucky…

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